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Erica Weiner
I love Evolo Spa! The therapists are fantastic, the prices are great, and the customer service is always on point. It's a consistently great experience from beginning to end.
Patricia Falkner
The Evolo Spa facility is attractive, comfortable and clean. I have had an injury from a fall. The soft tissue specialist I go to does an excellent job both in giving me information and in helping with my muscle pain..
Maru Cleep
The staff are so friendly. I have always felt very welcome and comfortable. I love how simple and easy it is to make an appointment using the online appointment scheduler. David is the beset and sooo informative and very intuitive with the soft tissue work, it was 100% satisfying. I am very grateful that your offices are nearby.
Christian Devolo
Can't recommend enough. From the easy online booking through their app, to the friendly service, this place is top notch. The therapists I have used have all been excellent. Highly recommend!
Bonnie Sentor
Making an appointment was simple. Three of my friends and I had scheduled messages back to back and they were able to accommodate our requests with no hiccups. Love the knowledge base, David is amazing.
Tyler Steen
David was really good to work with, he responded to my requests to ease pressure or deepen pressure, for the first time in about a year I was able to move my lower back again without pain. Love the people, the atmosphere, and the service.
Phillip Imber
David is by far the best one, I was hesitant to have a male work on my back, I'd traditionally rather a female, but WOW. He is so dam good. I highly recommend asking for him specifically. The facility is clean, welcoming and very very nice. Online booking is awesome.
Kellie Ann
I've been waiting for an awesome massage place to open around my home, there really isn't anything good in Lincoln Park.....until Evolo opened! I have already been 5x since they opened in July, its amazing. The massage itself was incredible and its not like what your used to. I love the combination of different techniques that best suite my needs. The office is awesome, it has several other business's inside the space that operate out of other rooms - esthetician, psychotherapy, chiropractic, nutrition, etc. It's really a great community. My massage therapist referred me to an internist in the same building and a chiropractor. Love the collaboration, they really care about you first and foremost.
Trevor K.
Customer service is great and they definitely work around your schedule. I booked my appointment Friday night at like 3am, and was able to get in the next day. I felt the onset of a migraine and they got me in asap which completely prevented my migraine - awesome!
Melissa Kheliege
Professional and hospitable office. By far the best experience I've had in Chicago and everyone is extremely knowledgeable and all have different styles of massage, and all are good.
Vivi Sayaka
Staffs were extremely helpful and friendly. My massage was with David and I was blown aways. He use just the right pressure. He was able to take out knots of my shoulders when they released the tensions on my neck.
Rowena Ochna
Excellent front reception service! Perfect bodyworker who gave me what I wanted. His techniques were on point and provided overdue relief! Thanks David!
Olga Bentz
As a first timer, the location was convenient, it was easy to book on-line and the price was affordable. I felt extremely comfortable, and I am looking forward to my next appointment.
Lauren Daffner
It's nice that you retain your staff and treat your employees right. It shows with great customer service and amazing massage skills. LOVE this place.
Amanda Armod
The massages have really helped my lower back pain. All the staff are amazing, but honestly David is the one to see, he has magic hands!
Tammy Spicer
Great therapists and great prices. I use their online app to schedule my appointments. Probably the easiest and most convenient massage experience I've had with Groupon so far. This one I think might just be the one that gets me off Groupon and become a long term customer.
Lamiar Kindavi
Thank you, thank you David. You made my birthday! My fiance scheduled for the wrong day, and David stayed late to accomodate. He didn't have to, but he did and it made a lasting impression. This place is focused on one thing and that is making sure you are satisfied.
Travis Opner
Trudy really opened up my chest and shoulders. She was able to dig into my problem areas and loosened them up, very grateful.
Donna Hawfk
I LOVE Evolo. The service I receive is excellent!
Joseph Mentorz
Evolo Spa is a really nice place. They give wonderful massages and unlike many other places the prices don't rise as you keep visiting.
Shawn Leege
Excellent deep tissue massage. No one in Chicago is better. Best of all I have really nasty neck pain, the massage therapist referred me to the Chiropractor who owns a business in the same building. Now I'm getting duel treatments, its awesome.
Allison Herrrando
Appt availability is great. Easy to book online. Love the space, is super clean and professional. Can't wait for my next appointment!
Christi G
Best. Massage. Ever. Perfect amount of pressure and techniques.
Great Service Very clean and professional environment.
Kirstie C
5-Star Experience I have had chronic knee and hip pain for months now and several yoga teachers have told me I needed a good massage to break up the lactic acid in my legs. Kevin listened to my concerns and catered the appointment to exactly what I needed. Highly recommend!
Aisha T
Evolo Spa I wasn't hesitant because I was the only customer with a very tall, seemingly strong male employee. He was professional and did wonders for the tension in my shoulders.
Melody C
Wonderful therapist Review of Kevin Good conversation and the massage as a whole experience had me feeling like I got a brand new body
Katherine K
Great! I got a deep tissue from Kevin. He was great. He really focuses on the area that is the most sore. ONLY complaint I have would be that the room is not relaxing. it's more of a doctor's office...otherwise it was great!
Frozen Shoulder Did a great job working the deep tissue to try and loosen up the tendons
Lani C
Amazing! I experienced a full body massage with Kevin. It was simply amazing! He was professional and executed his knowledge and expertise very well. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. I left feeling light and rejuvenated. He catered to my carpal tunnel and tennis elbow conditions, made my entire body knot free! Definitely will be going back as well as letting anyone who needs a massage know where to go!
Sierria C
Kevin Excellent !! Professional and knowledgeable about my injury !! I’m feeling better .
Wonderful Massage! Kevin is terrific. Will hopefully return in the future.
Mariah M
Great service I was super excited about my first professional massage. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The massage was fabulous!
Tracy B
I enjoyed my experience at the Evolo spa. I was very relaxed after receiving my massage. I will definitely attend the Evolo spa again.
Rose V
Yes! Very clean & professional environment. Kevin worked all my problem spots and even found new ones to massage out! Pressure was perfect and he made sure to tell me to speak up if I needed more or less.
Tashawna O
Deep tissue massage Luke was amazing!! He was very professional and caring to my needs. I left feeling a whole lot better. The pain was gone. I will be back and refer all of my friends
Strong Hands, very professional This was just what I needed! I had so much stress and tension built up in my body and this just melted it away! I love the touch of the essential oils diffused in the space and that the masseuse use coconut oil (kept it simple!). I would definitely go back again and have already recommended this to three other people. Thanks so much!
Shannon G
To The Point! No fluff, to the point massage. Listed to what I wanted and focused on the areas that needed work.
Diana R
Great focus areas My massage felt great and I feel way more relaxed today and I can actually move my shoulders. Kristen did a great job of moving my knots around to ultimately get me more movement in the back area. Felt great and bought the promo too!
Norberto G
Massage Very good
Massage Kevin did an amazing job getting rid of the stress and tension in my back and neck. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Audrey Lee H
Great Massage Great massage Luke listen well to my concerns and addressed them well during the masssage. Only issue is not have a women’s bathroom key to be able to use the bathroom. I had to walk around looking for someone to open the bathroom.